I’ve been watching way too much TV lately…and realizing what a fragile balance relationships are.

Getting into a serious relationship, and especially a marriage, is one of the most interesting concepts and serious commitments a person can do.

It is especially interesting to me, because I am such a control freak. I like everything in my life to be in order. And in general, I can keep it that way, even when other people are involved.

If I live with other people and I want the couch cushions a certain way, and they move them when I’m gone, I can always come home and fix them back how I wanted them. The fact that they were moved when I wasn’t there is annoying, but not hurtful because those cushions don’t owe me anything, and couldn’t control what they were doing. The people who move them, on the other hand, is a different story.

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Why I Love Being Married On Valentine’s Day

I absolutely adore being married all of the other 364 days of the year, but that one day set aside just for love makes me feel extra appreciative of the special bond that marriage brings.

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Don’t take people for granted.

The saying is popular that doing good for others is fulfilling and rewarding. I agree, this is so true. But something I thought about is, the person who gives and gives and gives to others is depleting themselves by doing so - whether they know or care or not. In turn, they need someone in their life who wants to give to them just the same…or they will end up being drained mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s hard to feel like you care more for others than others care for you. 

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- love her
- don’t lie to her - ever
- do things with her often
- genuinely care about her feelings
- tell her she’s beautiful, and truly mean it
- be there for her

It’s really not too difficult but…
To make a man happy, a woman only needs
to be:

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